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A Guide to This MOOC

Anyone can register for the course and access the material, which is all in English (lectures are in the speaker's mother tongue, but subtitled in English).

Course Structure

You can complete any of the three modules individually, and be awarded a certificate upon completion.

Or you can collect all threee module certificates in order to complete the entire course.

    • Module 1

      Nursing Traditions

      Three nursing traditions have influenced nursing practice and education in Europe; The Catholic Tradition, The Deaconess Tradition and The British Nursing Tradition - often called the Nightingale Tradition.

      We have chosen to present them as three separate traditions even though they hardly are separable.  The first nursing schools in Europe were established upon a combination of knowledge and competence from all traditions.

      The module also highlights aspects with the European society in which modern nursing emerged in the mid-19th century, especially nursing related to infectious diseases,  nursing as a female occupation and the religious influence on nursing.

    • Module 2

      From Nurse Training to Education

      In the late 19th century the first nursing schools were established throughout the European countries. The Module highlights nurse training and education in some selected countries in Europe; in England, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands and Norway.

      By describing the development from bed side clinical training in hospitals to uniformed education in colleges and universities, the lectures highlights the struggles and efforts for public approval and competence made by the nurses and the nurse organisations. Nurse education was too important to be left to the nurses alone.

    • Module 3

      Nursing Practices

      A common perception of today is that the roots of modern nursing are found within the medical hospitals. This module presents a multitude and a variety of nursing practices both within institutions and in communities. 

      By highlighting spaces of importance for the development of the nursing knowledge and competence; the district nursing, nursing in medical hospitals and in mental health nursing, the lectures address the impact of the close cooperation between nurses and physicians and nurses and employees without formal education.

      A special focus is put on wartime nursing and the need for nurse expertise on both the battlefields and in war torn societies.  

Module and Topic Structure

  • Module Progress Overview - you can see how far you have read in each topic
    • Topic structure:
    • Learning goal
    • Geographic location
    • Time period
    • Video lecture of approx. 6-12 minutes
    • Summary task that gives you a three-sentence summary of the lecture
    • Topic reading of up to 3000 words
    • Recommended reading
  • Module Quiz - with questions from all the topics in the module
  • Module Certificate - awarded when all pages are read and the quiz passed